What is available?

A wide selection of items are available including harvest tables, coffee tables, end tables, console tables and more! Custom orders are welcome!

What type of wood?

Knotty Red Pine is the wood of choice due to the uniqueness of the grain and knotty detail.

Oak vs Pine?

Oak is a slightly harder, however is much more rare and expensive.  In addition, Oak has limited uniqueness of grain and character meaning most pieces look identical!   Pine is abundant, yet super unique and beautiful!  No two pieces are the same!

What is the cost?

Harvest tables starting at $495

Coffee tables starting at $245

End tables starting at $100

Console tables starting at $350

Do you deliver?

Yes - for an additional charge.

What is your turnaround time?

Typically 2-3 weeks is the average, however this can fluctuate based on demand/time of year.  Call/email to inquire for your needs!

How do you make the furniture rustic?

We distress the wood ourselves to give it the ‘rustic’ look with chains, hammers, nails and other construction tools! This gives it the aged look that is so unique.

What type of stains are available?

There are dozens of stain options available.   We use the Minwax line of stain products.


Do you have a showroom?

We work out of a small home shop near Downtown Guelph, however you are welcome to make an appointment to view our products!

Do you make custom sizes?


Do you carry stock?

Not typically, however email/call us to find out what we have currently.

Why are the tables unique?

Rustic harvest furniture is always in style.  The classic look of our pieces fit well with every type of home décor.

Are there any options?

Decorative hardware is available for all tables.  ½” lag bolts are optional for dining tables and corner brackets are available for all tables at a small additional cost.

How long have you been doing this?

Over 15 years!

How do you get the wood grain to jump out so dramatically?

Raw Pine looks fairly boring, but add some stain and the grain really pops!  Add 4 coats of urethane and the grain is almost jumping out at you!

How do I care for my table?

Our tables are very resilient, but care must be taken to not place extremely hot pans, etc on the surface.  Hot plates, dishes and mugs are fine! Any spills can be cleaned with mild soap and water.   Wipe up any excess water or moisture as soon as possible.

Will the tables crack or warp?

Our tables are made from solid wood and it is natural that it may develop small cracks, splits or warps caused by shrinking and / or expanding.  Despite our use of low moisture content (6% to 12%) kiln dried Pine, imperfections are still inevitable.  These are not defects but rather a natural behaviour of the pine as it becomes acclimatized to its environment.

What size table do you need?

-6’ long will fit 6 people (2 on each side)

-7’ long will fit 8 people (3 on each side)

-8’ long will fit 10 people (4 on each side)

Each leaf extension is 14” and adds 2 place settings (1 extra place setting on each side of the table)

Width – 37” for smaller spaces,  46” for extra serving space and larger applications